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  2. How do I set up MAC filtering on my Virgin Media hub?
  3. Virgin Media starts turning customer routers into public Wi-Fi hotspots | Ars Technica
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The weird fix was to enable the guest network with a random password. This allowed me to make the change needed in step 3 and then I could kill the guest network again.

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Getting wireless printing working on Virgin Media Hub 3 A guide on how to get wireless printing working on Virgin Media if yours has suddenly stopped working. Written by Toby Osbourn Apr 2 minute read words.

Second step

Recent posts View all Mac Quickly create gifs from movs in the command line How to quickly take your. To pair or connect the devices, press the large illuminated button on the front of the Super Hub and hold for 5 to 8 seconds. Then, press the corresponding button on the device to be connected and hold for 5 to 8 seconds. The light behind the button on the Super Hub will return to a steady blue colour when the connection is successfully established.

How do I set up MAC filtering on my Virgin Media hub?

Talk to someone at Virgin Media Business, report faults or view our online support services. In this case you will need to use either the device network adapter set-up or the device operating system to enter: The SSID The security mode The passphrase How do you configure guest networks?

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  7. These devices can usually be configured to allow your guest network to function correctly How do you add a WPS client device? You can adjust the brightness of these in the settings if they bother you, or you want them even clearer to see.

    Virgin Media starts turning customer routers into public Wi-Fi hotspots | Ars Technica

    A new addition is the QR code on the side, which lets you connect a mobile device by simply pointing its camera at the sticker, as long as you have the right software installed. Around the back is a full set of four Gigabit Ethernet ports, so there should be no problem with connecting multiple high-speed devices for the fastest possible file transfers.

    How To Set Up Wireless MAC Filtering On A Virgin Media Superhub

    However, its improved wireless capabilities mean you will be able to connect high-speed 5GHz devices and older 2. In our test we found the 2. This will impact on speeds of closer devices, but for 2.


    At 5GHz the new Super Hub was far more impressive scoring All these tests are conducted through multiple walls in a place with higher-than-normal electrical interference. There are certainly faster routers out there, even discounting Still having print and storage servers would have made this a more rounded device. The interface is divided into four sections, though most people will only need two of these. The first is Wireless Network Settings, which contains everything you need to get decent reception and get your devices connected.

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    The Super Hub settings screen includes changing the admin password, which you should do immediately, switching the device to modem mode so you can use it with another router, and activating the remote access, so that you or an engineer can change settings via the internet. This last option is disabled by default for maximum security. The Device Connection Status menu does exactly what it says, letting you know what devices are connected, on what IP addresses, plus whether the cable modem is connected, what its WAN address is and how long its been connected for.

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    The Advanced Settings menu is where you go if you want to mess about with things a little more. You can also set up four guest networks, 2 per radio, with their own passwords, security settings and MAC filtering.