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Adjust the spacing between lines of text so that related items are closer together than unrelated items. For example, instead of putting equal space between each piece of contact info, put less space between your name and title, less space between the lines of your address, less space between phone numbers, and so on.

Pay special attention to numbers—they often have ugly spacing! Spacing text according to how its related is an important design technique, and makes the text on this business card easier to read. Colorizing certain bits of text is also a great way to draw attention to them.

Use imagery

For example, if you prefer to be contacted by phone rather than email! For more on choosing colors that go well together, see this column.

How to Make Business Cards on a Mac Computer

For more on typography, read this column. People write on business cards all the time. Instead, opt for a matte finish. By following these tips, your business cards will always look their best. Until next time, may the creative force be with you all. The answer to this comes from the Mobile World Congress, the yearly trade show in Barcelona where the the newest mobile tech is hawked.

But when I tried to go card-free one year, every time I had to exchange contact details I had to explain myself, all while scrawling my email address onto scraps of paper. And a card is pretty much mandatory to get into press events. Pages has several business card templates built in. To design a card, we will choose one of these templates, redesign one of the cards to our liking, and then copy and paste that new design across the entire page.

Pages for Mac: Print envelopes, labels, and business cards in Pages

One final note before we begin: The screenshots here show Pages on an iPad, but the process works exactly the same on the Mac. I picked the Classic Business Cards template because it is the simplest, and therefore easy to customize. Tap to open.

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These are lines which appear whenever you drag an object, in order to make it easier to line things up. Exit settings by tapping the … again. Now we start on the design. First, you should replace the sample text with your own contact details.

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Just tap or click into the existing text fields and change the information. Do this by double-tapping on the text to make it editable. Type in your own details for the name, job title, and contact information fields these fields may vary if you chose a different template.

To access these text tools, tap the little paintbrush icon in the toolbar, and then tap the Text label at the top of the sidebar. To change the fonts, font sizes, and other attributes, just tap on the text in the main window, and then make the changes in the sidebar. One thing to note here is that these business card templates are page layout documents.

Word Processors

That is, the text is contained in boxes, instead of being allowed to roam free across the page. If you want to apply different styles to each of these fields, you can just double tap each one to select it individually. Or you can sell all fields and apply the same typeface at once. Alignment guides help you place text in the same place on each card.

How to design your own great-looking business cards | Macworld

Scroll down to the Business Cards section, then double-click a business card template. Double-click placeholder text on the first card, then type your own information.

Option-click all the text and graphics you edited on the card. Click Group at the bottom of the sidebar. With all text grouped, you can copy and paste without losing proper spacing and alignment. Delete the text boxes on the next card. Drag the pasted copy to the card whose contents you deleted until the alignment guides appear. Delete the text on the next card, paste again, then drag the pasted copy to the empty card.